Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fort Collins Fashionista

Today was move-in day at CSU and I'm happy to say that I'm all moved in (minus a few minor things). Now the fun really begins!
I probably brought way too many clothes, but the plus side is that the closet is actually pretty roomy, so it fits all the clothes I brought, plus shoes, handbags and jewelry. I refuse to be seen without at least a necklace or my signature stack of bracelets. Today was no different, even though I got pretty hot and sweaty moving in. I wore a simple outfit of a navy blue babydoll tank from Hollister, a pair of aqua bermuda sweats from Hollister (cuter than they sound, I swear, plus I had to be super-casual--thanks Mom!) and simple silver flip-flops, but I amped it up with a cute high side ponytail and a sparkly silver necklace from American Eagle.
Later on, we had to change into the forest-green CSU tees they gave us for a green-out at the pep rally and I also changed shorts, into my AE Dark Destructed Boyfit Shorts (no longer available). I also changed my hair into two loose braids for a casual-chic look.
I can't wait til classes start on Monday, so I can show off my sense of style and maybe get a little inspiration myself.
I'm proud to be a CSU Ram!

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