Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get In On The Trend: Jeggings

If you're at all aware of fashion trends, you'll know a big one has recently caught fire across the U.S.--jeggings!
The hybrid jean-leggings are gaining in popularity, similar to their sister trend, skinny jeans, that are still very popular. Many buy them simply because of their comfyness (they're less constricting and stiff than typical jeans), or maybe because they like the look of super-skinnies. Either way, this new jeans trend is definitely one to get in on, especially if you're petite.
I myself have not yet gotten in on the trend. I don't really like skinnies much, and I'm not sure I'd like how jeggings feel, but I'm willing to try them. They're great for petites, because you can easily scrunch up the bottoms if they're too long, and the stretchy fabric will create curves you never knew you had.
Try Hollister's HCo. Jegging in Destroyed Dark Wash ($29.89) for a unique destructed look that you won't find with regular leggings. Or try American Eagle's Jegging in Worn Dark ($39.50, buy one get one 50% off!) for a more polished look.
No matter your style, body or budget, you can pull off jeggings!

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