Sunday, August 15, 2010

Add Some Sparkle To Your Look!

If you want to amp up your style even more, try some standout jewelry! It seems simple enough, choosing accessories that appeal to you, but if you're petite, you should also consider the scale of the pieces you're buying.
Don't get anything too big or too long, because it will overwhelm your frame. If you really like a bigger piece, you can still buy it, but keep the rest of your accessories smaller so they're more in proportion to you.
However, smaller jewelry doesn't have to be delicate and super-girly. Try American Eagle's AE Multichain Necklace ($19.50)--it's only 16 inches long, so it won't hang too low, and it has the perfect edgy-glam look to pump up your style. For bracelets, get the AE Colorful Bead Bracelet ($15.50)--it won't just show off your small wrists, but it will fit them too! A great ring option is the AE Smokey Cocktail Ring ($15.50)--it's big enough to be showy but not so big that it looks ridiculous on you. The AE Peace Drop Earrings ($12.50) are a good choice--they're dangly but not too bulky.
The next time you're out shopping, pick out the perfect jewelry for your petite frame--go small, but don't be afraid to take a chance on something unexpected.

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