Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More than Just Underwear...

"The Cheeky cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch" is not just about bras and panties anymore. Sure, Gilly Hicks has got plenty of those to rival Aerie (American Eagle's lingerie brand) and Victoria's Secret PINK, but they now also offer tons of clothing, from denim shorts to dresses.
The prices at GH are similar to those at Hollister, and the styles are typical of an A&F brand. Right now, none of their pieces costs more than $49.50, so it's a great deal. Unfortunately, there are only 15 stores in 9 states, so more than likely, you'll have to order online, but standard shipping rates start at only $8!
If you're into sweatshirts, try their Kiama hoodless sweatshirt ($24.89). It comes in 8 bright colors that look great with everything from jeans to miniskirts. Or if you prefer hoodies, Hewlett Street ($24.89) is a good pullover option.
Like dresses? Then you'll love Lake Haven ($49.50). It features a tank-style top, smocked waist and attached skirt in 4 patterns. The Pretty Beach dress ($19.90) is a more classic style, with cute prints.
If you're a fan of the jeggings, GH has a wide selection, varying in price from $12.90 to $39.50.
Trying to find a cheap but good quality lip gloss? Check out the clearance section for last season's scents and get them for only $1.90 each!
So visit gillyhicks.com and get shopping!


  1. I agree that their clothes are soooo adorable! I too wish I lived in a state with one of their stores. Because I love Hollister and A&F, I now really love Gilly Hicks!

  2. I know! They have great clothes, kind of a combination between A&F and Hollister, which is so awesome!