Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Must-Haves

Grey knit duster cardi (A&F, winter 2011); burgundy plaid tunic (A&F Kids, hand-me-down); navy culotte shorts (A&F, summer 2011); navy sparkle tights (AE, Christmas 2010)

Duster cardigans. Capelet jackets. Moccasin booties. Tights. Loop scarves. Slouchy skinnies. Tall boots. What do these have in common? They're my fall must-haves!

This past weekend, I rediscovered the joy that is layering. I missed it over the summer, when temps were rarely cooler than 85. But Saturday was a nice relief from the heat, and made me crave fall. Though it felt a little weird at first to be wearing such a thick sweater when it's still technically summer, I love how cute and cozy it looked with my tunic, culottes and tights. And it inspired me to hunt down more duster cardis. I think they look really cute over skirts or shorts with tights.

Accessorizing is key for fall--that's where the scarves, jackets, tights and boots come in! I have a few pairs of tights (the sparkly navy ones above, light grey sweater tights, brown, brown striped leggings and cream pointelle ones) but a girl can always use a few more pairs, right? I love how they look with boots, which is why I'm lusting after a pair of tall, non-Ugg-style boots. They look totally polished but still casual. Scarves make me feel cozy, and they're a great alternative to necklaces. And capelet-type jackets are great for slightly chilly fall days.

Fall Must-Haves


What's on your fall must-have list?

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