Friday, January 14, 2011

Sale at Victoria's Secret

Sorry I haven't posted in a while--our wireless modem broke down and we had to wait a few days til our internet was back up again. It sure felt like the "old days" with no technology to me!
Today, I went to Victoria's Secret, since they were having a sale on a lot of their bras and panties. Being a college student, I need all of those I can get, so I can do laundry a lot less often! VS is my favorite place to get good-quality bras and their panties are quite adorable. Unfortunately, they're usually a bit expensive. But with their semi-annual sale, going on right now, you can score great deals on the hottest essentials.
Every store will be different, but yours should have a good selection; order online if you want even more options.
I have a small bust (32A) but I was able to find a cute demi-cup push-up bra in my size. For those of you with smaller busts like mine, a great push-up bra can work wonders. Demi-cups are also great because they create cleavage.
So check out your VS and VS PINK stores to get a lot of essentials for a low price!
Cute bras and panties for less? Count me in!

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