Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Like a Lamb

Green floral dress (HCo., spring 2011); pink crystal necklace (AE, summer 2010); pink cardigan [in hands] (A&F, winter 2010)

"Give Me The 1st Dance" nail polish (Nicole by OPI, silver);  "Fuchsia Shock" crackle overcoat (Sally Hansen, hot pink)

Mixed bracelets (AE)
Light pink cardigan (A&F, Christmas 2010); pink ruffle tank (A&F Kids, winter 2011); light blue floral skirt (GH, summer 2010)

Jeweled snake ring (AE, Christmas 2011)

March has been sooooo nice so far! I wasn't expecting the "snowiest" month of the year (here in CO, at least) to be close to 70 degrees so early in the month, but I'm not complaining. It gave me the chance to wear plenty of spring-y florals, sandals, one of my dresses and also a miniskirt. Spring is one of my favorite seasons for fashion (as long as the weather cooperates). I love pastels, bright colors, beautiful floral patterns and girly dresses and skirts. Feeling a warm breeze on my bare legs is so nice, and reminds me that summer is just around the corner!

Do you like spring fashions?

1 comment:

  1. I love spring fashions a lot! After those long,dark winter monnths,I need some brighter colors to enlighten my day. ;)
    Your outfit is absolutely adorable,I love the pink of your cardigan a lot! :)