Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekly Outfit Highlight: July 21-July 28

This week was a busy one for me, between a picnic with my family, going to a waterpark and my birthday on Wednesday, I haven't had much time for outfit pics but I did take a few that I'd like to highlight this week (along with a few of my favorite birthday gifts)!

1st: hot pink babydoll tank (A&F), pink/orange plaid scarf (AE), pink polka dot headband (AE), brown woven leather belt (A&F), denim cuffed sh, orts (A&F Kids), mixed bracelets

2nd: white pearl and jewel necklace (AE), navy ruffle tank (HCo.), blue plaid shorts (HCo.)

3rd: light green floral dress (HCo.), coral bandeau bra top (VS Pink), pink crystal necklace (AE)

4th: shell necklace (AE), mixed bracelets, yellow/pink floral babydoll tank (HCo.), denim destroyed miniskirt (AE)

I did wear this same scarf last week, but it was with a very different outfit. I'd love to get more scarves to mix and match with, though!

Above is the pair of pajamas I got from Gilly Hicks for my birthday. They didn't come as a set, and the tee isn't technically a sleep shirt, but I think it's super-cute with the koala applique. The shorts are very girly, which is right up my alley.

I've already started reading this book, and it's very useful. I never knew the history of so many things I wear so it's really an interesting read.

This is probably my favorite present: the Coach Poppy Daisy Graffiti backpack! I love how it can work as a school bag and as a purse and the graphic black & white design mixed with a burst of red and magenta. This is my 5th designer bag, and I know it's gonna get a lot of use, just like my other ones.

What is the best birthday present you've ever gotten? Favorite handbag designer?

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