Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Outfit Highlight: July 13-20

Now that I've figured out how to create a page featuring all the outfits I've had on the blog (check out the 'Lookbook' tab under the header), I decided that I want to do a photo collage highlight of my outfits of the week. I also discovered how cool Picnik is for editing photos, so these won't be boring collages. I hope that by doing this every week, I can really narrow down my personal style, and avoid wearing something too often! And I hope that maybe you'll get some inspiration from them :)

Top Left: pink ruffly lace tank (Abercrombie Kids), pink/orange plaid scarf (American Eagle), unpictured khaki twill shorts (Hollister)

Top Right: sparkly bauble necklace (AE), coral bandeau bra (Victoria's Secret PINK), navy floral/bird dress (HCo.), mixed coral and pink beaded bracelets (Aeropostale)

Bottom Left: light yellow belted floral dress (Abercrombie & Fitch), white pearl and jewel necklace (AE), mixed metal bracelets (AE)

Bottom Right: burgundy plaid sheer blouse (A&F Kids), navy cami (HCo.), navy culotte shorts (A&F), chain and jewel necklace (AE), mixed metal charm bracelets (AE), silver bow headband (Target)

These were my favorite outfit from this week, and I think I did a good job mixing things up. I do tend to wear some of the same jewelry (especially bracelets) day after day, so I need to work on switching those up. I also love dresses, but I'd like to limit wearing them to twice a week, so I can get some other things in there, like shorts and skirts.

What is your "go-to" outfit? 

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  1. i LOVE picnik! it's perfect for making photos a little more fun :) my go-to outfit is probably sundress & cowboy boots. so easy to throw on!