Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Less is More!

Have you ever wondered why less actually is more? It's hard to get a real answer for that one, but one possible answer (for petites anyway), is that less makes you look "more", and by that I mean taller. In this case, the shorter the dress, the longer and leaner you'll a point, of course (I'm not suggesting skimpy dresses, just ones that fall above the knee).
It's almost the season for dresses, and with all the styles out there, it's easy to be confused about which ones look best on your frame. Maxidresses are a no-no for petites; they are way too overwhelming. That's where a shorter dress comes in.
If the fabric only falls to your knees, it will really elongate your legs and make them look miles long. Also, a fitted look is nice; it will create curves but not look too trashy.
Try Hollister's Sycamore Cove ($49.50) for a classic, cute dress. If you're more conscious about your arms, El Porto Beach ($24.50) offers the perfect solution: three quarter length sleeves. And wherever you go, seek out styles that have an empire-style waist and a smaller bust area!

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