Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hate Heels? Here's How to Achieve a Taller Look Without 'Em!

If you're someone who's always on her feet, whether at work, school or just like to roam the streets, you know what a big pain in the...erm...foot it is to wear heels all day long. However, most petite females want to look at least a little bit taller, and here are some tips you can use to leave the stilettos at home and still stand tall!
  1. Wear pants that don't drag on the ground. Obviously, this is a rule for all, whether you're barely 5 foot or taller than most guys. Check out some styles, such as the boyfriend jean, where you can roll up the legs and still look polished, without tripping over your pant legs. Consider getting your longer pants tailored to fit you.
  2. Buy some heel cushions. You can even wear these in flats and sneakers and add an extra inch or two of height, with the added bonus of ankle support.
  3. If you're not totally opposed to the idea of high heels, try some lower-heeled wedges. They look just as cute and are way more comfy!

Instead of struggling with uncomfortable heels,
try shorter-inseam jeans or heel cushions!

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