Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flattering Jeans for Petites: American Eagle Boot Cut

If you're like me, you have trouble finding the 'perfect' pair of jeans. I have fairly long legs for my height, so I normally can get the regular inseam, but often, they're way too long and I have to hunt down the elusive short inseam. At Aeropostale, I can wear size 0, but many stores don't carry 00, or even 0.
But then I discovered American Eagle. I've been shopping there since about 8th grade, but only for tops, jewelry and shoes because they never used to stock size 00. Over the summer, I bought a corduroy skirt that was size 0 and I always have to wear it with a belt.
My mom had a $10 off coupon if you spent $30, and she said we could check out some of the jeans since I'd been complaining about my old ones.
I found four pairs in size 00 regular (YES!) and went to go try them on. The skinny jeans were too tight for my taste, I didn't like the styling of the Artist pairs and...finally, I tried on the pair: AE Slim Boot in deep indigo. I loved the color, the slight flare and most of all, the fit. I didn't have to try and find a 00 short (which can be pretty impossible) and the thighs and waist were the right snugness.
If you're also having a hard time finding jeans that aren't too long, or too loose or too tight, try on a pair of AE Slim Boot jeans. You'll be surprised...and want to buy even more!

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