Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally...Someone is Recognizing Petites!

For years, petite women have complained that their voices aren't being heard when it comes to fashion. Teens are being forced to shop at children's stores for some items, while older women struggle to find something in the petites section that doesn't look frumpy.
Now, many magazines are reaching out to smaller women, especially Seventeen. While primarily for older teens and young adults (ages 14-21, approximately), this lifestyle publication often focuses on ways to flatter a specific body type through clothing.
The November 2009 issue, known as "The Body Issue", has many great style tips and more for petites. In one section, it shows girls of different shapes and how to dress for specific shapes, ranging from pear to cone, to, yep, you guessed it, petite. Another page has basics for hourglass, tall and petite body types. A special quinceanera insert has perfect dresses for every body (including petites) and in the "my Body Peace breakthrough" article, a few petite celebs and regular girls alike share their struggles with their bodies and how they finally made peace with their shape.
So, all you smaller ladies out there...take heart! Most fashion magazines today not only feature the supermodel-like women, but also petite ones. Check out Seventeen magazine each month for more tricks and tips for your body.

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  1. Seventeen Mag is so helpful with fashion advice and more...I'm so glad I'm a subscriber!