Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OOTD: Sparkle & Shine

Royal blue/pink plaid flanner button-down (HCo., fall 2011); navy cami (unpictured, HCo., fall 2008); navy culotte shorts (A&F, summer 2011); navy sparkly tights (AE, Christmas 2010)

Owl pendant (AE, fall 2011)

Sparkly stacked rings (AE, winter 2011)

Silver sparkly sequin ballet flats (AE, winter 2011)

Even on a dreary, cold, rainy day (like it was here today!) I still like to stand out and look cute and cheery. Today's outfit is fairly simple, mostly blue, with pops of color (royal blue and pink) and also a lot of sparkle and shine.

These tights have been my fave since I got them for Christmas last year. They have a nice subtle sparkle to them that makes them stand out but not be obnoxious. They pair very well with my sparkly ballet flats. The only downside is that the shoes aren't the best in the rain--they end up getting very wet in the toe area! Oh, the things we do for fashion ;)

How do you like to sparkle and shine on a cloudy, cool day?

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