Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrities Are Petite, Too! (Part Three)

Okay, this is my third and final installment (for now) of Celebrities Are Petite, Too!. Here are some more celebrities under 5'4 who know how to embrace their frame and look great:

1. Kristen Bell (5'1)--This sweet actress loves to make a statement with bold dresses that highlight her size.

2. Eva Longoria (5'2)--Posh's pal is no stranger to fashion, either!

3. Vanessa Hudgens (5'1)--Think Zac is jealous over all the attention Vanessa's getting for her adorable boho style?

4. Jessica Simpson (5'3)--This star has her own fashion line which now includes jeans.

So what do you think? Which petite star is the most fashionable? Leave your comments below!

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