Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best-Dressed Petite Celebs

When you hear the words "petite celebrities", what image comes into your head? Tiny women dressed to the nines in perfectly-tailored outfits? Or a teenage girl who only wears baggy clothes that hide her frame? Or maybe adult females who end up looking like little girls because that's all that fits them? Like normal petite women, petite celebrities have just as hard a time finding clothes that look great, so sometimes, the tabloids portray them as "fashion disasters" when they don't look as fabulous as they usually do. Everyone has their 'off' days--when they don't look put-together, but these petite celebrities look amazing in almost anything!
Drew Barrymore filming Going The Distance in NYCALMA Awards Nominations for 200924th Annual Imagen Awards Amanda Seyfried on location for Letters to Juliet in Bryant Park.

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