Thursday, June 4, 2009

70% Off Flip-Flops? Count Me In!

So yesterday I went to the mall for a quick little shopping spree. Okay, so I only bought two items but I still got a little thrill from it.
First, I checked out Aeropostale because my sister needed a new swimsuit. Because I am saving up my money for a few things, I wasn't planning on buying anything at Aero. I was browsing around the store, and finding all kinds of cute things that were unfortunately above my budget for the trip, when I happened upon a pair of flip-flops in the very back of the store.
One thing you should know about me is that I am very addicted to flip-flops; I probably own about a dozen pairs or so and I wear them nearly every day in the summer. This particular specimen had silver straps and silver decoration on the footbed. They were very cute, and there was one pair left in my size so I checked the price tag: $17.99. I was about to put them back, disheartened, when I noticed a little red sign above the flip-flops that read "70% off ticketed price". I quickly did some math in my head, and realized that they would only cost about $6!
I waited for my sister to pick out the right swimsuit and then headed for the cash register, cheap but cute flip-flops in hand. In the end, they ended up only costing $5.80, including tax. I definitely scored a good deal and still had enough money to buy an adorable tank top from American Eagle!


  1. No, unfortunately I checked the website and posting pics is not allowed b/c it violates their copyright laws. Also, I had to change one of my posts b/c linking to their website is also prohibited. Well, actually, I think I can take my own picture of the flip-flops and post it, as long as it's with my own camera!