Friday, September 11, 2009

Attention: Sales At Stores NOW!

Like always, the fashion world is one step ahead of the rest of us...especially when it comes to sales!
Long before fall has ended (or even begins, for that matter), stores such as Hollister are already putting their autumn styles on clearance. Despite the weirdness of it, it is very beneficial to you, the consumer, because you get the chance to buy up the warm layers you'll need for the upcoming season at a lower price, than, say, in July, when the fall apparel first arrived (crazy, I know).
So make sure you swing by your local Hollister store or the website for great steals on capris ($9.90), graphic tees ($9.90-$18.90), sweaters ($29.90), tanks & camis ($9.90-$19.90) and dresses ($19.90-$29.90).

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